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Slide Blisters

Slide Blisters are also known as sliding blisters or flange blisters. It is majorly used for hand tools, garden tools, industrial components, consumer products etc.

Double Blisters

Double Blisters are also known as sealing blisters. It is a hybrid version of a clamshell blister with an added flat plastic backing

Heatseal Blisters

Heatseal Blister is sealed to the blister part by heat & pressure. The card has heat activated coating which is also known as self laminated glue card.

Clamshell Blisters

We make the best of blisters to have an edge in the market. Normally, it takes less than a minute to make a decision to buy a product. If your packaging is appealing, you have made the sale. We encourage manufacturers & entrepreneurs to use the best retail packaging available to showcase their products

Customized Blister Packaging

We also specialize in customized blister packaging which is made for all types of products. This gives proper profile packaging to the product as per the required specifications.

Fruits & Vegetables

Punnet trays are used worldwide to pack fresh vegetables, fruits and meat products. This provides protection & tempering resistance. It may bear a nutrition facts label and other information about food being offered for sale.

Electronics & Cosmetics Blisters

These are customized blister packs in accordance to the products. The blister packaging generally used for electronics items are card sealed and clamshell for SD cards, mobile charging cable etc. Vacuum formed trays are generally used for cosmetic packaging for kohl, lipsticks, brushes, eye liners, lip gloss etc.

Bakery & Meal Trays

Bakery and Meal Trays are made from 100% food grade materials like PP, PET, HIPS. Attractive boxes and trays are made to pack freshly baked products in new stylish packaging. Meal trays are most in trend available in 5, 8 Cp's to serve fresh cooked food.

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